Toitware Mini Hackaton, November 19th



In this mini hackathon, we will develop ideas and program apps for the TOITbox. TOITbox is the physical part of Toitware’s new IoT platform: TOIT. It comes pre-installed with WiFi and NarrowBand IoT for communication and sensors to measure humidity, air pressure, temperature, etc as well as a programmable user interface with a display and four LED buttons. All you have to do is come up with an idea for a use case for the TOITbox, or pick one of the challenges that will be presented to you on the day and then start programming apps for it! With the right idea, this platform has the potential to make an impact on real-world scenarios.

You will be presented with a couple of concrete challenges, but you are also welcome to come up with your own ideas for TOIT apps. You will get a solid introduction to the TOIT platform by Helena and Mark from the awesome Toitware team, who will be there to assist you during the course of the evening – the rest of the team will be ready to assist you remotely via Slack.

There will be a prize for the best app/idea.

You should participate in this hackathon if you want to be one of the first people to test the TOITbox and Toitware’s IoT platform and get to try their new programming language.

Pick up your TOITbox

When you have registered for this event and received a confirmation email, you can pick up your Toitbox in ORBIT Lab. Check out the confirmation email for details. Your email address will be used to create an account for you on the Toitware Cloud where you have access to the IoT devices, full documentation, tutorials etc.

Please register no later than Friday, November 13th. This way, we have time to create your user account and you have time to collect the Toitbox.

The TOITboxes must be returned to ORBIT Lab after the event.


Link to Microsoft Teams will be sent to the participants the day before the event.

16.15: Welcome, by ORBIT Lab


– Introduction to the TOITbox and the IoT platform, by Toitware 

– Use case: Consibio

– Presentation of challenges, by Toitware

16.50: Hackathon 

18.45: Log back onto the online session 

– Discussion: What was difficult, what was great?

– Presentation round: Present your apps/ideas

– announcement of tonight’s best app/idea/ideas

19.15: Thank you for today

About Toitware

Toitware is a tech startup from Aarhus. With their new programming language and software platform, they will make it easier to develop, deploy, secure, maintain and distribute apps for IoT. 

The TOIT platform includes the TOITbox, with sensors and cloud access; the TOIT language and virtual machine for easy app development; and the TOIT cloud console for device orchestration. Read more about Toitware here.

Who can participate?

This event is free and open for students and other members of the ORBIT Lab Community with an interest in the topic. 

Please note, there are only 15 places that will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis


Basic programming skills would come in handy. However, the documentation is extensive and there are tutorials to follow and code examples available, so even people with limited programming skills will be able to put together apps for the TOITbox.  


This event will be in English.


Online via Microsoft Teams. Participants will receive a link via email the day before the event.

Registration deadline

Register no later than Friday, November 13th as we need time to register a participant user account for you.



If you have already formed a group, please register all group members individually and indicate the names of your group mates in the designated field.

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General questions may be addressed to Litte Dalsgaard, ORBIT Lab Community Manager: / 93 52 14 47.