Iot Kickstart Event, June 10th 2021

Event Graphic: IoT Kickstart event: Kickstart your IoT summer project with Toit, June 10th 4.15 pm

When would be a better time to kickstart or restart one of your existing IoT projects than during the summer? To ensure your success, the Toit team is ready to support you with both hardware and help. 

Join us on June 10th for this kickstart event, where we will make sure you get off to a good start and get a dose of inspiration as well from a real-life case.

The Toit team will be present both in-person and via the Toit Slack channel – they will help you kickstart your IoT summer project! They will also be ready to provide guidance and assistance throughout the summer.

IoT – the easy way

The latest news about Toit is that you can now use your own hardware or buy new, on which you install the Toit firmware and use the Toit platform for control, monitor and update your hardware devices. If you don’t have one, Toit will sponsor an ESP-32 microcontroller for you to use. The goal is to make it easy to get on board and start implementing your creative ideas for IoT projects. All the hard stuff has already been taken care of by Toit.

You can get started today already and register for free via Toit to get a Toit account: https://toit.io/#sign-up. You only need to provide your email to be up and running. During the event, we can help you start writing your own drivers to enable you to move on with your ideas and projects.

Prizes and follow-up event

There will be prizes for the top three ideas/projects. The follow-up event will take place, September 1st at 16.15 where participants prepare a short presentation of their project and the three best projects will be awarded. 



16:15: Welcome, by Toit and ORBIT Lab

16:20: Kickstart your Toit summer holiday project

16:30: Real-life IoT case

16:50: Set-up and installation to get started

17.30: Pizza 

Hang out afterwards, get started on your project with help and assistance from the Toit team.


About Toit

Toit is a tech startup from Aarhus. With their new programming language and software platform, they aim to make it easier to develop, deploy, secure, maintain and distribute apps for IoT. Read more about Toit here.


Who can participate?

This event has 10 spaces for the on-site “physical” event. You are also welcome to participate online. If you don’t have an ESP-32 yourself, the deadline to register for online participation is June 8th, you need to collect the ESP-32 in ORBIT Lab before the event. When you have registered, you will receive an email with instructions on how to collect your ESP-32. Participants in the “physical” part of the event will receive an ESP-32s at the event.



Basic programming skills would come in handy. However, Toit’s documentation is extensive and there are tutorials to follow and code examples available, so even people with limited programming skills will be able to put together Toit apps. Otherwise, just bring your laptop and some cool ideas for a summer project.


Guidelines for on-campus behaviour

Participants who take part in the event on campus must adhere to the General public health guidelines for on-campus activities. This also means that you must show a negative Covid test that is less than 72 hours old.



This event will be in English.



ORBIT Lab, Finlandsgade 28, room 132 / Online via Microsoft Teams




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Technical questions may be addressed to Helena Marie Meyer, Software Engineer, Toit: helena@toit.io.

General questions may be addressed to Litte Dalsgaard, ORBIT Lab Community Manager: litte@ece.au.dk / 93 52 14 47.